Q: How old must choir members be?

A: Between 8 and 23 and part of a school, college or university group.

Q: How old must organisers be?

A: Between 16 and 23 and living in a city where the show is taking place.

Q: Will each of the choirs and teams be different?

A: Yes. Each will be drawn from the local area surrounding the venue. For example, the teams and choirs in Liverpool will come from the North West and North Wales.

Q: What is the cost?

A: There is no charge for being involved. The only cost to participants is travel to the event and two rehearsals.

Q: What happens when I register our school’s interest?

A: You will receive a full information pack which will answer all your questions.

Q: Will I receive materials for the music?

A: Yes. Primary schools receive a CD of a piano playing the music, a CD of someone singing the part your school will be singing, a pdf of the words and sheet music. High schools will receive sheet music and separate copies of for each part in your choir.

Q: Will there be any help?

A: Yes. We are very open to questions and aim to response within 48 hours. We also hold a local rehearsal and then a mass rehearsal for primary schools, and one mass rehearsal for high schools. One of team will visit your school after you register to meet the choir and answer all the questions of the teaching staff and the children involved.

Q: Will there be professional entertainers on the bill at each venue?

A: Yes. Please watch out in the coming months for the confirmed line-ups at each venue

Q: Could I be a partner for the events?

A: Yes, there are several opportunities for partners at our events. Please see our Be a Sponsor page for more details. Get in touch for more information – we’re looking for great businesses and organisations with which to partner.