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Changing the key for thousands of young lives – one amazing concert at a time

The sound of a choir can stop you in your tracks.

Think of how wonderful 1,000 young voices supported by experienced musicians and entertainers will sound. Imagine the untapped young talent in your community unleashed on stage.

That’s the experience of Beyond Words.

Our series of concerts involves more than 5,000 voices, five venues, and one life-changing experience for so many.

Our choirs consist of local young people aged between 8 and 23, with a team of local young people, aged 16 to 23 for each venue organising the event.

We have stage and musical professionals to support the choirs and teachers. The teenagers involved in the organisation are trained using our Hybu Pobl Ifanc Programme. (Hybu Pobl Ifanc is Welsh for Promoting Young People. The training is delivered in English).

Our events feature people from all kinds of backgrounds and work closely with local schools, colleges and universities.

We ensure high levels of professionalism. Our choirs and orchestras have performed alongside household name artists such as Lee Mead and other stars of Casualty, Holby City, and the West End. America’s Got Talent winner, ventriloquist Paul Zerdin has already signed on for 2019.

After five hugely successful events in Cardiff, we are now aiming to give young people in England the same opportunities .

All our participants enjoy a huge boost in confidence. Their talents are nurtured, and they learn useful skills that will help them start out on their career paths.

Now, we’re planning a five-date tour of the UK in some of the best arenas in Britain. Will you join us on the exciting journey?

In June/July 2019 the Beyond Words #Hittherightnote will be going to :

Alongside our Cardiff show, we’re adding dates in Derby, Liverpool, Newcastle and Wembley in 2019. Our ambition is to provide a life-changing opportunity for 5,000 more young people across England and Wales next year.

Changing Lives

We have a large number of stories about the impact of being involved in this event here are just a few…

This unique event has allowed our pupils to gain insight into the world of performing at an early age. It has opened their eyes to exciting possibilities! I would highly recommend any school to take part!
Head Teacher
Adamsdown Primary School, Cardiff
My staff came back from the rehearsal in tears as the children had had such a wonderful time. We are in an area of severe deprivation so many children never leave the village. After the concert itself three of the children recorded in their diaries that - it had been the best day of their lives.
Head Teacher
Trinant Primary School Caerphilly Borough
I couldn’t believe I was given so much responsibility and was able to take such a lead and make decisions during the concert event. I learnt so much about working with people and the joy of giving others a good time but the thing I learnt more about myself. I know now if I believe in myself, and my team, anything can happen.
Pobl Ifanc Member
Keeley Thomas