Get involved

Do you want to get involved in our exciting shows?

Here’s how you can do that – whether you’re looking to add your school to the choir or you are wanting some of your sixth form to be on the team organising the event.

Be in the choir

We work with local schools, colleges, and universities to get our 1,000 voices for each venue. We require choir members to be 8 and over and up to university age. If any of your pupils have special needs please do tell us on registration. It will not prohibit them being involved but it will help us with our overall planning.
The only cost to schools is the cost of travel to two rehearsals and the event itself there is no cost for participation in the choir. Each child will be given a t-shirt at the performance which they can keep as a thank you for all their hard work.
Once a school or college is registered, they receive an information pack detailing everything they need to know.
Primary schools receive a CD of a piano playing the music, a CD of someone singing the part their school will be singing, a PDF of the words, and sheet music.
High schools receive sheet music and separate copies of for each part in their choir.
One of our team visits each school to answer questions and meet the staff and pupils involved and to give information from the Musical Director and Director.
Register as soon as you can because although we are looking for a 1000 young people for the choir spaces do get taken very quickly.

Join the team

Beyond Words #HittheRightNote builds a local team of young people aged 16 to 23 for each of our shows We have a training package, Hybu Pobl Ifanc (which is delivered in English) that will teach the skills they need to set up and run a professional showbiz event, to work together effectively as a team, and to ensure the concert goes smoothly.
All Hybu Pobl Ifanc are trained by us, from the crew ensuring each choir member gets to the right place at the right time to working directly with the management crew, to working front of house greeting the audience. There’s so much to do!
If you’re interested in gaining valuable skills and being part of an exciting event, contact us for more information. You need to be living in the cities where the shows will be taking place.

Changing Lives

We have a large number of stories about the impact of being involved in this event here are just a few…

This unique event has allowed our pupils to gain insight into the world of performing at an early age. It has opened their eyes to exciting possibilities! I would highly recommend any school to take part!
Head Teacher
Adamsdown Primary School, Cardiff
My staff came back from the rehearsal in tears as the children had had such a wonderful time. We are in an area of severe deprivation so many children never leave the village. After the concert itself three of the children recorded in their diaries that - it had been the best day of their lives.
Head Teacher
Adamsdown Primary School, Cardiff
I couldn’t believe I was given so much responsibility and was able to take such a lead and make decisions during the concert event. I learnt so much about working with people and the joy of giving others a good time but the thing I learnt more about myself. I know now if I believe in myself, and my team, anything can happen.
Head Teacher
Adamsdown Primary School, Cardiff

Hitting the right note to transform lives

The Beyond Words #Hit the right note has gained its name simply because the whole thing is total indescribable – there are no words that can do justice to give explanation to it.

It is an arena tour producing high quality performance by local young people who will be performing alongside world renown artists. For our 2019 we already know that ventriloquist and comedian, Paul Zerdin, winner of America’s Got Talent, will join us. Other members of the cast will be announced shortly.
At its heart is a big ambition.
We want to provide young people with life-changing opportunities and experiences.
They discover new things about themselves, and we support them to become the best version of themselves.

Our young people come from schools, colleges, and universities from all areas.
They are from all backgrounds.
Because we want as many of them as possible to be involved in our amazing events, there is no cost for schools to be involved.

Beyond Words #Hit the right note:

Our Vision

It is our vision to enable young people to discover new things about themselves by providing the opportunity to take part in amazing events. We want to encourage every young person to dream big and achieve much.

Our Mission

  • To value every individual involved in all our shows and activities
  • To develop well-being in the individual through singing and the performing arts
  • Widen horizons by providing new opportunities
  • To provide the opportunity to develop skills and talents
  • To encourage team work, organisational skills, and creativity
  • To trust young people to fly to the moon and find their way back

Who are our professionals?

Musical Director

Mason Neely is an American-born, UK-based record producer, drummer, orchestral arranger and multi-instrumentalist who has produced, arranged for, and toured with artists including Cerys Matthews, Lambchop, Saint Etienne, and Martyn Joseph. He has served as a composer, arranger and musical director for the BBC, RTÉ, and S4C. As an orchestral arranger, he has arranged pieces for the BBC and RTÉ Orchestras, the BBC Proms, the London Sinfonietta, the National Orchestra of Wales, and the Welsh National Ballet.

Consultant Director

Andy Smith has directed and taught theatre world-wide for the past 30 years, working across Europe in countries such as Malta and Hungary, and in the USA. Among his many productions is a 1000-voice opera. His experience allows us to achieve a high standard of performance.

Beyond Words Production Team

After gaining five years experience we have a team that brings the concept into reality from supporting the schools and colleges that are involved to training a team of young people aged 16-18 years. These young people work with the production team to create a smooth, slick operation to working with the members of the choir to ensure they have a day that is memorable for the rest of their lives and then on to the front of house to ensure the audience have everything they need to enjoy the evening out of the year.